January 20, 2019

MLK Day March to Reclaim the City - Fuck Off Amazon Statement of Solidarity

MLK Day March to Reclaim the City - Fuck Off Amazon Statement of Solidarity

On January 21st, we invite organizations and individuals accross the city to join Youth Against Displacement and the Coalition to Protect Chinatown & LES for their MLK Day March to Reclaim the City!

The poverty, displacement, criminalization, and violence imposed upon us by the political and economic system in which, as Dr. King observed, "machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people", has reached a breaking point in NYC.

The relentless drive to rezone and "develop" our city has us all scrambling in our respective boroughs and neighborhoods to stop the plans of the developers, the city government, and landlords to turn NYC into a playgorund for the rich and a nightmare for the rest of us.

As politicians continue to tell us lies in order to win elections, and as the city government continues to serve the developers, corporations, bosses, and landlords, we continue having to deal with their constant rezoning, rent increases, evictions, crumbling public infrastructure and housing, and their police. People of color and queer folks continue to suffer the brunt of the violence and displacement of gentrification.

We don't put our trust in political parties, politicians, or their false promises to address the crises we are facing. We don't trust the city's "public hearings" and "input sessions" that provide nothing but hollow illusions of "having our voices heard". Instead, we put our trust in each other; in our neighbors, our communities, our co-workers, and our classmates.

As the tenants of 85 Bowery recently showed us when they successfully resisted their eviction; as our comrades in Berlin showed us when they defeated the Kreuzberg Google Campus; and as the people of France are showing us now; it is still possible to fight back and win. With popular organization and struggle New Yorkers can change the status quo and roll back the nightmares the luxury city has wrought on us.

Reclaiming our city requires that we continue to break down territorial and sectoral silos, massify the resistance against displacement, and continue to organize!

It is in that spirit that we call on others to join us on MLK Day at the March to Reclaim the City!

Fuck off Amazon